Father William Miller, Christ Episcopal Church, Covington, LA

bill and wili

“David Dendy dramatically exceeded our expectations for a campaign consultant, and thanks to his inspiring leadership, we exceeded our campaign goal of 1.75 million dollars for our ‘Higher Ground’ campaign. David is spiritually-grounded, well-organized and is a real joy to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”              

Father Bill Miller



Clint Harrington, Men’s Elder,
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Clint Harrington

In Spring 2014, we were wonderfully blessed to have David as the guest speaker at our “Ridin on Faith” Men’s Retreat for Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church.  We had around 100 men near La Grange, Texas from all walks of life and in various stages of their faith journeys.  When we weren’t wresting bulls to the ground in our city-slicker rodeo, throwing washers, fishing or playing late night poker, we filled the barn to eat AND to get spiritual nourishment.  We gave David room to go with what he thought would work best for the message.  It was a two part talk with the first part on Saturday night before small group break outs and some professional musicians around the campfire.  The second part was to be at Cowboy Church the following Sunday morning before we departed back to Houston.   David’s message was based on Mark 2: 1-12 (Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralyzed Man), and the driving point to the men was to “take up your mat!”. Even though it’s been over three and a half years since David gave these talks, it’s still fresh on my mind and easy to recall.  Take up your mat (troubled past that God has healed) and carry it with you.  Bring it with you as evidence and testimony to the miraculous forgiveness, healing, restoration and renewal that God has done in your life.  Don’t forget that He has the authority to forgive sins and heal our wounds and disabilities. Proclaim the Good News so that everyone will be amazed and confess that they have never seen anything like this! The barn was filled with simultaneously laughter from David’s hilarious stories.  But tears and joys were also present as men’s hearts were moved closer towards Christ and further from their failures or sufferings in their past.  David was one of the most memorable retreat speakers we’ve had in the many years that we’ve been having our retreats.

Clint Harrington
Westside Small Group Network (WSGN)
MDPC Men’s Elder, 2014-2017