Raising Money

You are a pastor, a church leader or involved with an incredible non-profit organization and God is using you in amazing ways to increase His kingdom. Your church or organization is busting at the seams of your facilities and the problem is evident to all – your facilities no longer facilitate the values of your organization.

Now the time has come to raise a boatload of money so your mission, vision and facilities can be integrated in a way to maximize the impact of your organization on the people and community you serve.

You start to recall all the training you have undergone in your life only to realize, “No one ever taught a class on how to raise money for a Capital Stewardship Campaign!”
You need money…
You don’t know how to get the money…
And the question looms large – “How do I move forward, raising the much needed money, while continuing to do what I am gifted at doing?”

Fear not! David Dendy has twenty years experience raising money with a hundred churches and non-profits, by providing a well organized, time tested, detailed plan to organize your church or non-profit, to involve your members, and to prayerfully challenge your people to give sacrificially in a way which meets your impending and vital need.

Hundreds of fabulous pastors and leaders have enjoyed David’s leadership in making their God given dreams come true by helping them raise over a quarter of a billion dollars.

A large number of pastors and leaders attempt these types of campaigns on their own without qualified assistance, only to see a failed campaign where the congregation, the members of the organization question their own wisdom, faith and abilities while sending their organization spiraling downward instead of propelling it upward and onward.

David’s greatest desire is to position you in such a way where your organization can thrive for years to come.

David would love to hear more about your church or organization and visit with you about how to move forward in a way to ensure the success of an amazing Capital Stewardship Campaign.

Get in touch with David at daviddendy@daviddendy.com