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Is it possible to see God at work every day?seeing-god-at-work

For 365 days, David Dendy embarked on this incredible life-changing challenge, only to discover along the journey that the answer is an emphatic yes!

Seeing God at Work Every Day is an invitation to live life with the eyes of our hearts wide open – to see and experience the very hand of God at work…not just once in a blue moon, but day after day.

Seeing God at Work Every Day is an interactive journal that stops you from being a spectator in the bleachers of life and places you right in the middle of the field, where God is at work every day.

Combining observations from the everyday interactions and encounters we face on a daily basis with scripture lessons and spiritual insights, David Dendy takes us on a forty-day challenge that will change the way you see life and how God is at work every day.

Is God really at work every day through parking meters, dimmer switches, name tags, oxygen masks on airplanes, Gorilla Glue, Wite-Out, state patrol officers, and Superman?

Open the book, open your eyes, open your heart, and discover the everlasting joy and fun of Seeing God at Work Every Day!

David Dendy’s iWitness daily devotional books for each month are also available from in Kindle or Paperback.
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